Bottled Up

Bottled Up - Andrew  Grey It took me a few days to get to this review because I have mixed feelings about it.

I gave this book three stars for one thing; the relationship between Sean and Bobby,the street kid Sean takes in.

If the style of writing supports the character development, I have no problem with characters who can do no wrong. Andrew Grey definitely creates an atmosphere in his books that makes you believe in a morally flawless character.

Sean Bielecki was flirting with perfection. He runs into a dangerous situation to save someone. He takes in Bobby, a street kid, without hesitation. He helps his friend Katie find love. He's also beautiful but doesn't realize it. Just in case the reader doesn't get how amazing Sean is, his big-hearted sweetness is off-set by his slimy ex who's a nasty, self-centered, whiny and annoying man.

Bobby, the sixteen year old kid from the streets is sweet. Would it have been more realistic if he was a surly ball of anger? Yes, but it wouldn't have fit the tone of the story. Bobby's scared, insecure and has low self-esteem but he's also a sweet kid. He's got an air of innocence about him and it turns out he's amazingly talented.

Put those two sweet characters together and it's like a bowl of ice cream topped with fudge, whipped cream, cherries and candy.You don't want it all the time but you can't help eating it when you see it.

Sean and Bobby become father and son and it warmed my heart.

Why the story lost stars:
The character of Sam felt like an add-on. I felt no connection to him and had very little interest in his relationship with Sean. He was also really sweet and good but his character had very little development, so he came off as flat. I was given two characters who would make the angels sing...and then there was Sam. He would have had to do something unbelievably fantastic to not get pushed into the background.

The mystery of Bobby's parentage really stuck in my craw. When it's revealed who the father is I had a WTF moment because it's not explained in any way. It's just *Bam* Dun Dun Duuuhhh "He's your father.". How did the mother meet the father? How did the father find Bobby? Did I miss something? It pulled me out of the story. I needed that twisted mess explained.

This is not my favorite Andrew Grey book. I adore the Love Means... series and the Gym series, so I had high hopes for this book. I hate to say that I was disappointed but I was.