ReneCade [Hawkins Ranch 3]

ReneCade - Cameron Dane Betrayal! BETRAYAL!!(A poor man's M/M, sex filled, Shakespearean tale)

This book has a hint of Shakespeare gone gay, western and modern.

Things happening behind the scenes, melodrama, affairs, duplicitous parents, secrets being kept, and even some plotting going on.

It's hard to break down this story without giving anything away and, really, without the surprise factor this book is just angst for angst's sake.

When someone is especially melodramatic in a book I say that they are having a Marlon Brando "Stella! Stellllllllaaaaa!!" moment. Ren and Cade have one Marlon Brando moment after another, back to back.

I mean, these men are on their knees in the middle of a deserted street, heads thrown back, screaming, sobbing, and tearing their shirts with their bare hands. It's bordering on ridiculous.

The sex in this book is hot. Hot and dramatically angst-filled. It's like sex is a life and death situation for these men. I saw what the author was going for but I wanted to say "Seriously guys, if you don't dial down the intensity I think you might pop something vital".

So, why the three stars? Because it's Cameron Dane and somehow, even when I wanted to smack these men upside their heads, I still kept reading. I wanted them to be happy because all of that torment needed to pay off for them.

In the end it did pay off. Thank God because if it hadn't I would have been the one having a Marlon Brando moment.