Second Chances

Second Chances - T.A. Webb 2.75 - Why Am I ALWAYS The One Who Doesn't Love It??

I was on the fence about this book but it was getting so many glowing reviews that I decided to take a chance on it. It ended up being just...not for me.

1.) The word "fuck" in all of its glorious forms
I'm no prude about language but when in the first six or so pages the word fuck is used at least five or six times? That's just repetitive. Repetitive and distracting to the point of where by chapter three it was annoying me. I felt like it was supposed to be a character trait of Mark the main character but it was overdone. Way overdone.

2.) mean that's not cheating?
So, Mark's been cheated on by his man and, without giving too much away, he's with someone at one point and thinking of what counts as cheating. Dual naked massages where Mark's rubbing a guy's balls and all up in his ass crack? Not cheating according to Mark. What's cheating? According to Mark, touching is not cheating unless it's his dick touching another man's ass. Uh huh. Oral sex; no dick in ass. Fingering; no dick in ass. Hand job; no dick in ass. Take notes men because none of what I just listed is cheating.

3.) Wait...that doesn't mean you're gay...apparently
Also, according to Mark, having your penis in another man's ass doesn't make you gay. Getting a blowjob doesn't make you gay. HAVING a dick in your ass or a dick in your mouth makes you gay. It's the true test of The Gay. This was a true flaw in Mark's character for me. It just struck me as ignorant. Maybe it's just me but, in my opinion, being in love with or attracted to another man is what makes you bi or gay. It doesn't matter who's catching, pitching, licking, sucking, thrusting or whatever.

4.) What makes a man a man
There was a definite idea in this book of what the main character (and maybe the author indirectly) thought made a man masculine. it...irked me. I think I saw where the author was trying to go with it but it rubbed me the wrong way. Also, I just kept flashing back to a scene where Mark thinks that he wants a man to do his deep tissue massage because only a man's hands are strong enough to really get into the muscles. It seems like a small thing but it was a real WTF moment for me.

All of those things up there really REALLY bugged me. This was the author's first novel, so I'm guessing that he's still perfecting his craft. I didn't find the writing strong enough or engaging enough to keep the things that annoyed me from taking over and ruining my enjoyment of the book.

I will say this, the idea for the book was a good one. I was intrigued by the idea of getting a second chance at love. I will also say that this first novel was better than a good number of stories that are out now. Depending on what the author's second book is about I just might read it.