Chances (Something in Common)

Chances - Talia Carmichael Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm done now

This book was pretty much about absolutely nothing. Oh, that little thing about the two main characters finding a little girl a new home? It shouldn't have even been mentioned in the blurb because it amounted to maybe a page and has not a thing to do with the story. Disappointment is not a strong enough word for it.

Once again almost everybody was gay.
Once again about twenty-two million new characters popped up.
Oh, and 99.9% of those new characters are gay too.
At least this time we got some women.

There were some repeat characters but the fact there are so many pointless people in these books I gave up trying to remember who's who.

I'm going to say now that I probably won't read any new books in this series. It started out as a cute series and then things just went downhill. If y'all see me put another one of these books on my to-read shelf please remind me of this review. Please.