As Long As You're Mine (Sexy College Studs)

As Long As You're Mine - Brien Michaels When I am looking for something light to read I usually accept the fact that there's going to be something that will probably irk me because not too many authors do light and fun in a way that satisfies me. This story though....oh my god this story.

Light. This was fun, fun,fun and silly romp. Was it realistic? Nope but it was quite clear that it wasn't meant to be. This story didn't take itself too seriously and I appreciated that. It was like a set up for a porn but it was cute and sweet at the same time.

Wade is young, HOT black college man who's a jock but who's also in theater classes. First of all l loved the fact that Wade had a sexy Afro that he sometimes put in braids and that he sometimes let be wild. Holy holy sexy!! I loved that he wasn't the typical jock. He loved to act and really threw himself into his theater class. So, one night Wade runs across some gay porn and damn it's on and popping from there. Why? Because later when Wade is jerking off it's the sexy blond nerdy guy in his theater class that Wade's thinking about. The guy who Wade gets partnered with for the final project. I loved Wade. I know some reviewers were wondering how Wade suddenly goes from straight to gay but it's not sudden. He says that he's had the feelings for as long as he can remember. So, yeah, it's not like BAM gay!

Hot. This was a sexy little story. Phone sex and actual sex and fantasies being whispered. And Zac, the blond theater nerd, is hot freaking nerd! Once again we have a character who's not stereotypical. Usually, in jock/nerd stories it's a science or math geek so it was nice that Brien Michaels went for something different. Plus Zac is a geek who's a phone sex operator with ripped body who loves to work out and has abs you can "grate cheese on". Oh, and that dude loves him some hot and sweaty sex. LOVED Zac.

The angst level in this story was perfect. It didn't ruin the lightness of the story but gave me enough conflict that I wasn't bored. I was so happy that the story didn't angst out at the end. It was satisfying.

I loved, loved, loved these guys and their story. If you want something sweet and sizzling spiced with a bit of conflict then pick this one up. Suspend your disbelief a little when you read it and just enjoy the ride. That's what I did and it was TOTALLY worth it!! On to book two!