At Her Feet

At Her Feet - Rebekah Weatherspoon Nope, Nope, NopeNopeNope...

I went back and forth over whether or not I wanted to write a review for this book. 1.)Because it was a DNF for me and 2.)Because it is a F/f and it's such an overlooked genre that I only want to say good things about it. I decided to write this review because if I DNF'd any other kind of romance book I'd write a review and that really shouldn't change. Also, the fact that this book is F/f had nothing to do with why I disliked it. I've been searching for good F/f ever since I read [b:Selume Proferre|18430352|Selume Proferre|E.E. Ottoman||39963912] by [a:E.E. Ottoman|6426133|E.E. Ottoman|] which was FREAKING AMAZEBALLS.

So, on to the book. You've most likely reasd the blurb but basically the book is about Suzanne and Pilar who are embarking on a D/s relationship. A Mommy/little girl D/s relationship. Now, I've read a few Daddy/boy kink books in my M/m travels. I've also read a couple of books with big freaking age differences. I'm not a stranger to that kind of dynamic. Where this book differed from those books, in a way that lead to me DNF'ing it, was the way the kink was handled. Not only does Pilar play the Mommy in a mental power exchange capacity that is seen in most D/s relationships but, in my opinion, she goes a little far. Pilar sets up a room in her house that is the "ideal little girl's room". It's pink with Hello Kitty, ruffles, and stuffed animals everywhere. This is where I started getting creeped out. Pilar also sets out little girl pajamas for Suzanne and the next day she dresses her in clothes that are as close to a little girl's wardrobe as they can get without drawing stares, as Suzanne puts it.

I usually have no problem with people's kinks. People get off in different ways but my brain could not compute how someone could get turned on by turning someone into a child visually. The little girl room, the little girl was just too much for me. I tried to equate it to people being turned on by schoolgirl uniforms and whatnot but I was still not feeling the vibe coming off of this book.

I wish I could say that the writing pushed me to keep going but I didn't find the writing style at all engaging. Usually I don't mind first person POV but this time I had no desire to spend 200-300 pages in Suzanne's head. Her voicve was just not that captivating and by 30% I was skimming.

Oh, also, there was one moment in Suzanne's head when I kind of wanted her to just shut up. She's thinking about the relationship between her best friend Liam and his boyfriend and she thinks of how no one ever thinks Liam's boyfriend is gay because he "acts so straight". Yeah, what? Just...what? Apparently, the boyfriend watches a lot of sports. I actually had to stop and step away from the book for a moment because I almost threw my Kindle at the wall. People need to stop with this "acts straight" and "acts gay" thing. It makes me mad every single time I come across it and I wasn't expecting it in this book.

All in all, I couldn't bring myself to finish this book which is sad because I really went into it hoping that I would love it.