Mummy Dearest (The XOXO Files, #1)

Mummy Dearest (The XOXO Files, #1) - Josh Lanyon I, Laddie, have read a Josh Lanyon book, loved a Josh Lanyon book and am about to gush about a Josh Lanyon book.

No, this does not mean that the world is going to end. That will only happen if I am ever made to sit through a whole Beyonce album.

In any case, I sat down to read this book because I was told how much fun the story is. I was doubtful but you know what? It was fun. Not only was the story fun but it was funny and smart.

I loved both characters equally and I loved them right from the start. Usually, I play favorites (that doesn't bode well for my future children) but Dr. Drew Lawson and Fraser Fortune are such a unit that I can't really think of them living separately in the part of my heart dedicated to book lovin'.

Dr. Drew Lawson, our narrator, is a scholar who's under pressure to publish something in order to justify the fact that he's being considered for tenure. You see, the head of the department is his lover and as a result their colleagues don't respect all of the work Drew's done to get where he is.

Fraser Fortune is the writer, producer and star of a documentary/reality television show about myths, curses and local legends.

The two men meet over a mummy in a dime museum and it's annoyance at first sight.

Fraser is all "How can you not know who I am? Acknowledge my celebrity!"

Drew is all "I don't care who you are. Now, can you move so that I can do what scholars do?"

They are so perfect for each other. And so, Josh Lanyon takes us on an adventure through a dying town on halloween while we watch Drew embark on an adventure of the heart. The simply delightful romp that is the mystery of the mummy is off set by Drew's somber realization that he's come to the end of his relationship with his current lover.

Fraser is there to hold Drew's hand and hold him up in a way that doesn't take advantage of Drew. Fraser is solid, gentle, fun and sexy in so many ways. He knows exactly who he is as a person which makes him the perfect person to be there for Drew as Drew rediscovers himself.

This was the best series beginning that I have ever read. Mr. Lanyon has a new fan.